Sherlock Holmes, Claude Monet.

If you’ve ever wanted to decipher special codes, take the ultimate action photo, or create a masterpiece, visit us to see how the intricate biological world
is designed at the molecular level. You may also be intrigued to learn about the similarities between biochemistry, football and art ! Yes, football.
As structural biologists we capture molecules in action, investigate atomic coding, and present abstract scientific concepts through colorful renderings.
We look forward to seeing you soon at our NHB lab.


To do research that transforms the human race and benefits society; to provide an excellent research environment for students and researchers.

Research Focus

Eukaryotic phosphatase, phosphorylation regulation of RNA polymerase II C-terminal domain (CTD), structure-based drug discovery, x-ray crystallography


Free thinking
Ethical practice
Team work
Enjoy science


We are eager to work with young scientists who are passionate about science, in particular in the fields of structural biology and enzymology. Individuals who are interested in signal transduction, transcription, and Alzheimer's disease are encouraged to send their CV to